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Height Restrictors, Lane Closure Gates and Manual Barriers

If you have the need to inhibit unauthorised vehicle access, to private land yet still retain access for authorised vehicles, then perhaps our wide range of height restrictor and lane closure gates might provide the answer? These none powered products can be installed anywhere, to either limit access to vehicles below a specific headroom with height restrictors, or with heavy-duty lane closure security gates to block off road vehicle access to private property. We can offer a range of off-the-shelf fixed and moving height restrictors through to be-spoke designed units to suit your particular requirements.

For applications where you are looking for a cost effective traffic control solution with manned guard control, then one of our manual barriers is the ideal answer. Counterweighted to provide easy operation and available with a range of options such as under slung skirts, stop and no entry signs.

Product Features
400 Series > Goal post style, semi fixed that can span a clear width opening of between 4-6metres, all steel construction
450 Series > Opening height restrictor, aluminium & steel construction, that can span up to a 7metre clear width opening
600 Series > Lane closure gate, aluminium and steel construction that can span up to a 7metre clear width opening
650 Series > Lane closure gate, all steel construction that can span a clear width opening of up to 6metres
680 Series > Heavy duty variant of the 650 series lane closure gate with additional security features
500 Series > Manual rising arm barrier, counterweighted for easy of operation, no power required.

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Vehicle Access Systems have an ongoing product development policy and reserve the right to change specifications without notice.