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There are many reasons for having automated gates on residential properties, the three principle ones however are enhanced security and privacy, and the convenience of automatic powered operation. With an automated main entrance to the property this now becomes the first line of security, which allows you to screen out unwanted callers and helps keep prying eyes away from your property and grounds, deterring the casual opportunist thief. In addition, a gate system that closes automatically provides a safer play area for children and pets.

A wide range of gate styles are available ranging from simple timber gates through to ornate steel gates, which can be supplied galvanised and painted for extended durability. Dependant on the style and layout of the gates, the drive system can be either electro-mechanical or electro-hydraulic and either underground or surface mounted.

We are often asked whether an existing set of gates can be automated, and the answer in 75% of cases is that yes they can subject to certain limitations.

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Vehicle Access Systems have an ongoing product development policy and reserve the right to change specifications without notice.