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There is a common element that links almost all of our products from rising arm barriers, hinged and sliding gates, turnstiles, pedestrian gates, rising bollards etc and that is an access control system to control authorised entry and exit. This can take the simple form of a security guard operating a push button, a digital keypad, an intercom system, a card swipe reader, a short or long-range RFID (radio frequency identification) proximity reader system, bio-metric readers, ANPR systems (automatic number plate recognition), hand held radio transmitters, the list is almost endless and evolving all of the time.

Product Features
Token Mechanisms > One shot operation
Keypads > Simple and cost effective, single or multi user code operations
Swipe Cards > ISO track 2, void and validate facilities
Proximity > Sealed readers, anti vandal versions, void & validate
Biometric > High security, access tied to an individual cannot be used by 3rd party
Radio > Long Range, batch or rolling codes, void and validate
ANPR > Access tied to a vehicle not an individual

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Vehicle Access Systems have an ongoing product development policy and reserve the right to change specifications without notice.